• Big Laurel Creek
    Big Laurel Creek in Winter
  • Big Rock above Staire Creek
    Big Boulder Above Staire Branch
  • Spring View West from Hawkbill Rock at Sunset
    Hawkbill Rock - Snowball Mountain Trail
  • View from Craggy Pinnacle Lower Overlook
    View from Craggy Pinnacle
  • Southwest View from Bald Knob
    View from Bald Knob
  • Fall Color on the Ridge along the Rumbling Bald Loop Trail
    November Fall Color on Rumbling Bald
  • Lush Section of Joyce Kilmer
    Big Trees in Joyce Kilmer
  • Fall Color from the Green Knob Overlook
    Fall Color from the Green Knob Overlook
  • Catawba Falls Trail Bridge
    Catawba Falls Trail Bridge

Trip Reports, News, and Updates

Hello, Winter

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I’ve always dreaded winter. The shorter days, the biting cold, and all the preparations involved just to be comfortable anywhere make it difficult to endure, to enjoy. I grew up in Denver in... READ MORE

Small Journeys

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Our daughter isn’t home for summer vacation just yet, but I’ve been taking her on short hiking trips after school so that we can spend time together in the silence of the forest.... READ MORE