Photos Released Under Creative Commons License

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I’ve decided to release all photos in the and photo galleries under a Creative Commons license. This means you are specifically allowed to copy, reproduce, and redistribute the photos in the sizes available on this web site in any way you choose. Need a photo for a blog post about your recent hike? No problem, you don’t even have to ask. Writing a school paper that you’d like to accompany with some images? Download away.

Of course, there are a few restrictions. Copying, use and display of the photos are fine as long as it’s not done for money. Also, please do not modify the photos before reproducing them and as per the license, attribution is required.

If you find a way to use the photos, I’d appreciate a note (but it is not required). If you need higher resolutions than are available on this site, would like to purchase a print, or modify the photos for use in something else, contact me and we can discuss an alternate license. Thanks and enjoy!

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