Blue Ridge Parkway to Reopen May 15

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According to an article in the Asheville Citizen-Times (which I won’t link to anymore since they delete their articles from their web site after a few days), the Blue Ridge Parkway between the Craggy Gardens Picnic Area will be reopening (albeit 1 lane at the landslide site) on May 15. The official word to the public from the National Park Service is “Late Spring 2009”, so I expect that date is subject to change.  This is great news – lots of trails along that section have been inaccessible for the last two years. We will let you know when the actual reopening takes place!

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  1. Black Bear

    Actually, what we think the ACT does is move the articles as opposed to delete them. They exist at some other url and are available for purchase.

    It seems that most major newspapers don’t do this online, but the url stays intact and free.

  2. Jordan Mitchell

    Right – I’m sure they’re still intact, just not at the URL they publish at first. Which seems strange to me. How many people do you think actually *purchase* those old articles? Whereas if they were still at the original URL, available for free, how much could they make from the “eyeballs” that would generate on their ads? IMO, I don’t think that newspapers that lock their archives behind a pay wall are going to do very well in the future…

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