Yellow Gap Road (FR 1206) Completely Closed

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The Forest Service has installed gates on FR 1206 and the road is completely closed to all uses, including hiking and mountain biking. Originally, only FR 476 leading to the South Mills River trail was closed, but due to individuals snooping around the closed area, the FS has expanded the closure area.

This all started when some crazy felon booby-trapped his campsite/hideout a while back (find out more about that here). The Forest Service had planned on a prescribed burn eventually in the area to remove udergrowth anyway, and decided that might help them expose any potential “issues” that might remain. But it’s too wet to burn right now, so until the Officials are convinced that there’s no further danger to the public, the area will remain closed.  This cuts off access to a lot of trails in the area, including Pink Beds, Mountains to Sea Trail, Pilot Cove, Slate Rock, Laurel Moutain, Pilot Mountain, and others.

You can find the offical closure notice here.

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  1. Ed

    ARGH…Pink Beds closed….ARGH such a fun ride! Anyone hear any thoughts on when it will re-open yet?

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