Panthertown Valley Trail Names and Uses Designated

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The US Forest Service has issued a decision regarding the trail naming and use designations within Panthertown. Most of the trails themselves remain uncharged, however, as a lot of the maintenance budget was lost and that project was mostly scrapped. Volunteer efforts are still underway to maintain the trails, though. Signage will probably be updated to reflect the changes and we’ll get the changes made to our trail listing soon. However, until it’s all said and done, expect a bit of confusion and treat the area like you would a wilderness if you’re hiking into the interior areas there. (Short trips to, say, Schoolhouse Falls or the falls on Frolictown Creek shouldn’t really be an issue though for families and those with any hiking experience).

The forest service has released a nice official map of the area showing trail names, landmarks, and uses. Hikers will notice little impact. The main impact to mountain bikers in the area is the closure of the main Panthertown Valley trail to bikes from near Schoolhouse Falls up to near the falls on Frolictown Creek. There is a decent by-pass, though, and we’ll get our maps updated to reflect this soon!

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