Pisgah Area Trail Updates

According to the Pisgah Ranger District office, in the Bent Creek area, North Boundary Road will be closed Mondays through Fridays for road re-construction. This might put a few folks onto alternate routes if you used that old road to get to Ingles Field Gap (not the best route, though, in my opinion). Also, relocation work was recently completed on the Club Gap trail, which has been reopened, in the Davidson River area.

There’s also mention of a new trail, the “Estatoe Trail”, being constructed near the Lowes at the intersection of US Hwy’s 276 and 64 and NC 280 in Brevard. No details were given about the type of trail, length, route, etc., but I’ll try to get some more information soon.

Speaking of new trails, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a multi-use trail leading along the Davidson River from town all the way up to or past the campground???

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  1. ellen starkman

    hi, is there a way to drive closeby to the north boundary road to hike the 3.8 mile trail # 135 on the bent creek trail map? thank you…

  2. Jordan Mitchell

    The closest parking to North Boundary Road is at Rice Pinnacle, near the intersection of FR 491 and the main road into Bent Creek. Honestly, though, unless you’re into hiking up a wide, muddy road that’s seen lots of logging and construction traffic recently, it’s not my favorite trail to recommend!

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