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Ok, so in the past, the sites in the WNCOutdoors.info network haven’t been among the most interactive sites on the Internet. That’s because we’ve spent all the available time we have enhancing the content and functionality of the site itself – not to mention visiting new places to share. In the mean time, all kinds of people have come along and built better communications tools than we ever could have! So we’re going to try using them all in an attempt to stay connected with the people who use these sites and enjoy all the outdoor activities of Western North Carolina. Do you have questions about the trails? Need a recommendation for an upcoming hike this weekend? Here are some ways you can get connected with us (and other people who use WNCOutdoors.info):

  • This blog. We own it, and all of the stuff on it, and so we’re kind of fond of it. Feel free to comment and ask questions as you see posts you’re interested in.
  • Facebook. Check us out at http://www.facebook.com/wncoutdoors.info. We’ll post links there back to articles that show up here, and there are some good forums you can use for discussion as well.
  • Twitter. Yeah, I didn’t get the point of twitter either at first. But it can be useful! Check us out there at http:///twitter.com/wncoutdoors. We’ll try to make sure the first few words of my posts are relevant and informative, so stuff will trickle in there appropriately.
  • Google Buzz. This is the newest social tool to hit the Interwebs, and it comes from one of the biggest and most innovative companies there is. We expect it to be a useful resource for staying in touch. Visit our profile at http://www.google.com/profiles/wncoutdoors

We hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. Deborah Berry

    I would love some info on hiking in south west NC. My husband & I are visiting friends this spring and would love to experience hiking a “bald”. We are avid hikers of the Catskill Mts. in upstate NY and love hiking different geographic areas. Our schedule is flexible, we want to come before in season summer traffic, but not so early as to find trails still closed. Can you suggest a good guide book for hiking a bald and tell me the best month to come down ?

    Thanks for any info you can share.
    Deborah Berry

  2. Jordan Mitchell


    May is one of my favorite times for hiking in the mountains. It’s my second favorite month, after January (I love snow!). It’s a bit past the main spring wildflower bloom, but you’ll still find plenty (especially at higher elevations in the early half of the month). But the Flame Azalea bloom in May, and the rhododendrons start blooming at lower elevations the same month. The foliage is fresh and green, and the weather isn’t into the hot weeks of summer yet. So if I could recommend any moth, that’d be it!

    There is some fantastic hiking on the balds in that part of the mountains. Wayah Bald and Andrews Bald come to mind, with many others in the Smokies. Wayah is well-known for its flame azaleas. As for a guidebook, I have this one and it should have some great options in it: http://www.amazon.com/50-Hikes-Mountains-North-Carolina/dp/0881504491.

    Have a great trip!

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