Hiking with the Obamas on the Mountains to Sea Trail

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Imagine going for a hike on a beautiful spring afternoon along the Mountains to Sea Trail near Asheville, coming around the corner, and seeing some other hikers on the trail up ahead. As you get closer, you look at the person’s face, and realize…it’s President Barack Obama?? And the fist lady?!? That’s exactly what happened to some folks along the Mountains to Sea Trail yesterday as Obama began his vacation with a walk in the woods.  Reports say they met about 5 other hikers along the trail. They looked to be having a great time, and it was beautiful weather, with temps in the 70’s, a light breeze, bright new spring growth and the dogwoods in full bloom. We hope they had a great time, and we’re glad they recognized outdoor activity in our mountains to be a great way to start a vacation in Asheville.

For more information on the trail they hiked, see our Short Hikes Near Asheville page on HikeWNC.info (specifically Craven Gap to Rice Knob/Ox Creek Road, which I believe is the section they hiked). We hope the White House staff found HikeWNC.info when researching places for the Obamas to hike on their trip!

Offical White House Photo of the Day by Pete Souza

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  1. Craig Miller

    He should have got lost in the woods! He has killed both of my businesses! Who cares about a guy who is killing our country with all of his spending! His goal is to get everbody on the government hand out list. Feed him to the bears and buzzards!

  2. nate

    Craig must love George W. wow no suprise on his opinion. He likes the woods, but condones war, and killing innocent women and children. Way to go Craig. Your awesome.

  3. Kim Ford

    Wow- Michelle Obama really is buff! Hubby looks more than a little bit out of his element. Craig- I am certainly no Obama fan, but isn’t this a hiking forum?

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