8000 Acres of Mountain Land To Be Conserved

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8000 acres of mountain land are to be conserved and potentially sold to the state for public use – most likely as Game Lands. Located southeast of Rosman, NC, along the upper East Fork of the French Broad River, the land contains waterfalls and rare mountain bogs, and abuts the highest peak in the state of South Carolina.

It is currently owned by the Taylor family, of Charles Taylor, Western NC’s republican congressman from 1991 – 2007. Although Taylor was not really know for his efforts in conservation – his nickname was “Chainsaw” Charlie – this is a fantastic gift by his family to the public, especially since the land will be sold at nearly 50% below market value by some estimates.

This is one of the last large private tracts of land in Western NC, so it represents a major step forward for conservation of Southern Appalachian habitat, and a potential new area for outdoor recreation enthusiasts to enjoy in years to come. Thanks to the Taylor family and those who work so hard to secure the conservation of our mountain land, especially the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy!

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