New “Trails” Section Added to HikeWNC and MTB WNC

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We’ve add a new Trails section to HikeWNC and MTB WNC.  Believe it or not, we’ve never actually had a section of the sites dedicated to just the trails – until now!

“Trailheads” is still the place to find a trail by its location, since these are larger areas that represent groups of trails, hubs, or trail networks in the region. But you can now search for a specific trail if you know its name by clicking the new Trails tab at the top of each site.  Each trail now has its own bookmarkable page with all of its details, a map, and a place to leave ratings and comments. Of course, sharing a trail is easier now with the new pages dedicated to each one. And we plan to add more features and tie the trails pages into other sections of the site soon (like the Best Hikes section).

Choose a link below to check out the new Trails sections:
Trails on Hike WNC
Trails on MTB WNC

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