Waterfalls on Glen Burney Trail Added

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We’ve added the three waterfalls along the Glen Burney Trail to NorthCarolinaWaterfalls.info, and a full trailhead page on HikeWNC.info as well! Owned by the town of Blowing Rock, the waterfalls include The Cascades, Glen Burney Falls, and Glen Marie Falls. All of these would make worthy destinations in and of themselves, but with this trail you get to see all three in one hike. It’s a fairly strenuous hike for a trail that starts right in town, so be prepared for that, but we think it’s well worth the effort as you treck down into the gorge formed by New Year’s Creek. Perhaps this would make a great New Year’s Day hike!

Glen Burney Falls, one of the three on this hike

  1. gsaun

    Found this trail last fall (2010) after a light snowfall. Have sturdy shoes with decent traction (hiking boots are better) and be prepared for the 800 foot climb back out of the valley. Trekking poles are very useful in stabilizing yourself going both up and down this trail. Take plenty of water and maybe a snack in in a small daypack to keep your hands free for climbing and keeping your balance.

    Stay on the trail. Not only are the rocks near the falls slippery, but there are numerous bling ledges near the trail in the areas around Glen Burney and Glen Marie Falls. Not a trail for families with small children.

    The sign for Glen Burney Falls was missing this year (11/03-05/2011) and the wooden post had either fallen or been knocked over, though it was at the side of the trail where you turn to the observation deck. Below Glen Marie Falls the trail is less interesting to the turn around point (though the rock formations to your left as you descend are intersting to look at when the leaves are off the trees).

    Don’t expect to descend the trail its entire length with less than an hour of sunlight and then make it back up to the trailhead with it still being light. It’s a moderately strenuous trail (both down and certainly back up). Someone in good shape and able to scramble back up the trail can make it back up the trail in about 30 minutes…that isn’t most people, so plan on at least an hour to climb back out.

    Remember you are nearly 3000 feet above sea level at the base of the trail. If you aren’t in shape, this altitude can magnify the stress of climbing and it won’t be until you reach the last swithback near the vacation homes when the trail finally flattens out. But if you want a good physical challenge and like the idea of hiking a trail with less then 5 miles total distance, this one is probably a good choice if you have a couple of hours to spare in the Blowing Rock area.

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