Courthouse Creek Road closed through the summer

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The US Forest Service has announced that Courthouse Creek Road, FS 140, will be closed until late October to replace a low-water crossing. This road has been the subject of extensive damage and repairs in the past thanks to flood events, and the Forest Service aims to build a bridge that can survive such occurrences unscathed. This road provides access to the popular Courthouse Creek Falls (seen below) and points nearby. The road will still be open to non-vehicular traffic, so visiting the falls will be possible – as long as you’re willing to trek a ways further on foot or bike.

For more information, see the official Forest Service press release: Courthouse Creek Road to Close for Construction.

Courthouse Falls will be a little harder to get to this summer with FS 140 closed for construction

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  1. Bob Marshall

    Not only will Courthouse Falls, but upper Courthouse Falls, the 40 ft. falls above upper Courthouse Falls. Chestnut Falls, Kiesee and upper Kiesee Falls as well require long hikes. I took the mountain trail to Courthouse Falls, upper Courthouse and the 40 ft falls above upper Courthouse and it is around three miles. Get ready for lots of steep climbing and descending. You can take FR 140 but it is no picnic.

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